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We have heard a great deal about the new norm we will be living in after COVID-19 ends. One of the key trends we have seen is that more and more employees are working from home. Indoff has a plethora of products that are essential for the first time home worker or the veteran home staffer. 

  • Desks
  • Chairs
  • Lighting
  • Storage Options
When your home is also your office, organization becomes even more necessary. A home office desk has to maximize the functions of the worker. An Indoff Partner can help you understand how to make the most of the space you can dedicate to a home office area and which desk is most functional.
Having the right chair can make all the difference in the world when it comes to working long hours at home. But choosing from the endless styles and options can be mind numbing. Should it swivel or not? Tilt, lumbar support, armless, fixed or adjustable arms? And the list goes on. An Indoff Sales Representative has years of experience and can give you the most up to date information on what are the top performing models and how they would fit into your program.
A lamp or lighting element is not merely a decorative addition, but an essential part of the worker's environment. Poorly lit work areas cause eye strain which ultimately leads to mistakes. Make sure that your employees have the proper lighting to get the job done right.
Storage and File Cabinets
Do we ever have enough storage? Usually not, so we end up stuffing papers and files in every place we can think. It is important to be able to find and reference work related materials so having a systemic approach and proper storage is a must for the home office.


Transitioning from an office to a home environment to work on a daily basis is stressful enough. Placing the onus for sourcing, ordering, assembling, and logistics on the employee is just too much.

Work with an Indoff Sales Representative to put in a Home Office Standards Program where you can centralize the design, scope and budget for everyone’s new office. Make sure that your employees have the right setup so that they are as productive at home as they would be in the office. 

Keep in mind that remote workers still fall under certain regulatory guidelines.

  •           Businesses are still responsible for OSHA safety issues and Workers Compensation liability when employees work remotely, even in their own homes.
  •           Indoff products meet or exceed ANSI/BIFMA commercial quality standards for at home safety. Indoff has been providing Work at Home Solutions for years 


Design Recommendations

Consultative approach from home office furniture experts

Plant Surveys, Product Flow Space

Wide selection to help match styles and needs to budgets

Permits, Leasing Services, and Installation

Logistics, delivery, and install included

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General Office Supplies


Working from home still requires a full suite of products to do the job. Make sure you have the essentials ready for your home bound employees: Pens, Markers, File Folders, Stickie Notes, Paper Clips, Staplers & Staples, and so much more. An Indoff Sales Partner can set a program up for your company. We ship to both commercial and residential.


We live and work in a digital world. Your home office personnel need to be up to date with the latest equipment and supplies to make sure they can be as productive at home as they would be at the office.
Make sure they have: Copy Paper, Printer, Toner, Calculators, and other items to make their day efficient.


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